Folder structure#

  • Folder contrib/ contains subfolders for each Espresso problem. Each Espresso problem has a self-contained subfolder with problem_name as the folder name.

  • Folder src/espresso/ contains Espresso core functions and the base class EspressoProblem. Contributors typically install these functions before they start developing a new problem, so that they get access to the base class and utility functions.

    • If you’d like to improve base class specification or espresso.utils, this is the place to edit.

    • If you’d like to bump the version, change file src/espresso/

  • Folder espresso_machine/ has all the utility scripts to be used by contributors and developers.

  • Folder _esp_build/ will contain temporary Python package source files after you build espresso.

    • These are built files, so you never have to change the contents under this folder. If you feel something’s wrong in this folder, look for the source from the three folders above.