List of functions and classes (API)#

🚧 This page is under construction.

Please contact us directly if you have questions.


This package is still under initial development stage, so public APIs are not expected to be stable. Please stay updated and don’t hesitate to raise feedback or issues through GitHub issues or Slack workspace.


The essential idea of Espresso is to have exactly same interface for different inversion test problems, so we list all the standard methods and attributes once in this API reference page. Check out documentation for EspressoProblem for details.


Base class for all Espresso problems.

List the problems#

To programatically see what problems are available in Espresso, these functions are helpful:


Returns a list of all Espresso problem classes


Returns a list of all Espresso problem names

Utility functions#

Some utility functions are there to help contributors load data and calculate things. Check out documentation for submodule cofi_espresso.utils for details.


Submodule for utility functions in cofi_espresso.


Additionally, Espresso’s own exception classes:


Base class for all Espresso errors